BMJ has been founded to lead the local security industry by providing integrated security services through our highly experienced staff with extensive care. We believe that innovation, technology, employee development and qualifications will put us in the lead. Our aim is to care for our people, the main source of our success for our customers, the main reason to continue the success and grow.
BMJ Executives have extensive experience and professionalism for more than 10 years securing the private & the governmental sectors using internationally recognized programs and standards.
BMJ offers a suite of security services such as safety, customer, business, training and supportive services targeting our customer’s peace of mind.
The world is our horizon and through dedication, commitment, and our people, Our Motto of International Recognition for the BMJ will be accomplished.

Our Vision

To be the region’s Leading Integrated Service Solutions Provider.

Our Values

• Customer Satisfaction – Tailored solutions with peace of mind and care to be provided to each and every customer.

• Team Work – Our People, Our Family, together we deliver the best.

• Expertise – Qualified and well trained staff using internationally recognised standards and procedures.

• Growth and Development – Our aim is endless in growing, so as our employees development.

• Safety – Applying Occupational Health and Safety is integral to our people and the delivery of the services.


At BMJ, safety is our number one concern and priority. BMJ’s Work Health and Safety Policy (WHS), Hazard Registers, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Site Standing Orders (SSO) are updated to accomplish safety. BMJ enforces awareness training and guidelines for all levels of the business to ensure our policies and procedures are effectively implemented. We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility, and our continuous follow up to implement such procedures is our commitment.


BMJ Security’s Work Health and Safety Policy (WHS Policy) aims to prevent injury and ill health to our employees and to improve the performance of the WHS Management System, while complying with the (Law No. 6 for 2010 Working for the Private Sector). BMJ is responsible for ensuring that all employees are trained in order to obtain optimal output without accidents and injuries and to ensure that employees follow safe work methods and related regulations. All employees are required to support the WHS program; make health and safety a part of their daily routine; ensure that they are following safe work methods and be held accountable for implementing the WHS program.


By continually improving the Work Health and Safety Management System, BMJ is committed to reward the best complying party in WHS performance.


• Communicate and consult with employees on all matters of health and safety that may affect them.
• Aim to eliminate work related illness and injury.
• Provide appropriate training to facilitate improved safety performance.
• Monitor and comply with all relevant legislative requirements.
• Identify hazards, eliminate or reduce the associated risk to as low as reasonably practicable.
• Maintain and practice emergency preparedness and response.
• Measure, evaluate and improve WHS performance.
• Record, report and analyze injury and near miss incident data.
• Investigate incidents to identify ways to eliminate work related illness and injury.

Our Services

BMJ offer a suite of security services, safety services, customer services, business services, training services and supportive services targeting our customer’s peace of mind.

Corporate Social Framework

If you By encouraging responsibility, sustainability and community engagement wherever possible, BMJ ensures success through partnerships that make a difference to the lives and experiences of employees, our business and in the whole community. Our commitment to the Society and our populace allows us and our employees to experience the extraordinary moment of contentment and success by participating in any kind of help to Humanity. Environment, Health, Education, Youth and Community are all our concern. BMJ will participate in any activity to make the world a better place wherever possible. For any help to support our beautiful community, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our People

Our People are our family; our success keys and our bright future.

Our Initiatives

BMJ is a people-focused organization and proud of this nature. We know that engaged employees produce better results and play a key part in maintaining our reputation as service experts.

Learning & Development

At BMJ, learning and getting qualified is a must. Internationally recognized qualification is gained by all of our employees. In addition to standards of procedure within ISO 9001:2008 and certificate II in Security Operations, BMJ employees participate in Civil Defense, Fire Fighting and First Aid programs. We learn to develop and we develop to succeed.


Recognition by quality and qualification is a unique target integral to our strategy. A registered trademark of BMJ will enhance such initiatives.


Having multicultural employees, with encouragement to Kuwaiti Nationals, youth and women in our team, will back up our aim for Diversity.

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    What Makes BMJ Different

    BMJ is Kuwait’s most challenging provider of integrated security solutions. We mitigate risk for our customers, staff and the wider community from our core value of safety. We have been committed to enhancing the industry’s best internal and operational culture, investing in innovation to improve the customer experience. We will deliver the unexpected. With security in our DNA, we form partnerships that deliver now and into the future. We deliver Peace of Mind