Health & Safety

At BMJ, safety is our number one concern and priority. BMJ’s Work Health and Safety Policy (WHS), Hazard Registers, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Site Standing Orders (SSO) are updated to accomplish safety. BMJ enforces awareness training and guidelines for all levels of the business to ensure our policies and procedures are effectively implemented. We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility, and our continuous follow up to implement such procedures is our commitment.
BMJ Security’s Work Health and Safety Policy (WHS Policy) aims to prevent injury and ill health to our employees and to improve the performance of the WHS Management System, while complying with the (Law No. 6 for 2010 Working for the Private Sector). BMJ is responsible for ensuring that all employees are trained in order to obtain optimal output without accidents and injuries and to ensure that employees follow safe work methods and related regulations. All employees are required to support the WHS program; make health and safety a part of their daily routine; ensure that they are following safe work methods and be held accountable for implementing the WHS program.
By continually improving the Work Health and Safety Management System, BMJ is committed to reward the best complying party in WHS performance.