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We provide premium CCTV products with high performance, resolution stability and reliability, offer state of the art technology and the world’s best performing security cameras, digital video recorders, and network control systems.

Access Control System

An access control system is a system that enables authorized people to gain access to certain “controlled” areas. As well as have full control, receive reports and time stamps of the accessed areas at all times. As well as have integration with an interlocking system.

Security Gates & Barriers

Road Blockers, Rising Bollards, Barriers, Turnstiles, Tier Killers, and Sliding Gates & Operators are different types of gates that are used on main entrances of Hotels, secure areas, governmental facilities, and many other venues to protect them from unwanted traffic. Therefore, these gates are installed, integrated with other systems (e.g. CCTV cameras, Access Control readers) and maintained to keep track of guests entering and leaving the location.

Metal Detection

Metal Detectors can be utilized for different purposes. Security – Handheld detectors, or walkthroughs, that are used for entrances of buildings, hotels, offices, to assure higher security at that location.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security Systems are systems that are used for schools, parking lots, factories, warehouses, military bases, power stations, prisons, and many more areas that need to be protected against perimeter break-ins. There are different types of fencing:  Electric Power Fencing  Perimeter Fencing It is also possible to manage the system using a PC to make it easier for the user to be able to monitor using different types of security (e.g. CCTV, alarm monitoring, and many more)

Under Vehicle Inspection

It is a system that is usually setup at entrances of hotels, malls, and centers that have entrance comprehensive security, in which the scanner captures images of the bottom of the vehicle, and compares it to other vehicles of the same model, or through the intelligent system database. The system then looks for any foreign objects that are hidden, and gives out an alert. It also records the date and time of all inspected vehicles. It is also possible to capture the license plate number as soon as the car enters the scanning zone. It integrates with other access control technologies for example: barriers, biometrics systems consisting of fingerprint readers, facial recognition, and many others.

Explosive Detectors & Sniffers

Explosive Detection is a non destructive inspection process to determine whether a container contains explosive material. Explosive Detection is commonly used at airports, ports, for border control, and areas with public gatherings (e.g. shopping malls, hotels, banks, sports arenas, etc..)  Explosive detectors can be found as big as x-ray machines found in hotels, and as small as handheld portable machines found at parking entrances. They use advanced, sophisticated but very easy to use devices for fast and reliable detection and determination of different explosive materials that can be found by finding their molecular traces on luggage handles, clothes, laptops, cell phones, passports, bank notes, and many other objects. They can also detect the presence of hidden bombs in rooms, boxes, cars, airplanes, department stores, trains, subway stations, etc..

Tracking Solution

Our tracking solution is an innovative and cost effective web based real-time GPS tracking and fleet management solution comprising of hardware as well as software. It incorporates GPS/GPRS/Satellite technologies that enable continuous control and tracking of location of the vehicles, etc. It is a unique way to monitor and control your fleet to their precise details by sitting in the office or from your home. It also enables you to monitor the movements of your employees, fleets, containers or any other moving assets accurately.

Home Automation and Smart Solutions

Home Automation Systems are what make our living easier, and cheaper over the long run using the easiest types of control and tools, whether you like to control your house from your keypads, switches, smart phone, touch pads, or over the internet. Our control system solution portfolio is based on the KNX open, multi- manufacturer, vendor independent standard. You will not need to determine how and where your building’s switching system will be installed before construction commences. You can keep your options open even after the building has been completed. Everything in the system can be changed and extended at any time.

What Makes BMJ Different

BMJ is Kuwait’s most challenging provider of integrated security solutions. We mitigate risk for our customers, staff and the wider community from our core value of safety. We have been committed to enhancing the industry’s best internal and operational culture, investing in innovation to improve the customer experience. We will deliver the unexpected. With security in our DNA, we form partnerships that deliver now and into the future. We deliver Peace of Mind